Project Maintenance

Company Profile:

Project Maintenance is a family run business with over three Generations of experience in the construction industry dating back to the 1920s. We are committed to providing a first class quality assured service to all clients.

Existing IT Structure:

Single pc, dial-up internet, single laptop, and a single printer

Existing IT Problems:

The Pc had passed its best and was struggling to run the latest Sage application which was the main use for the Pc. The email was unreliable with the hosting of their domain unstructured, so if
problems occurred no one really knew who to speak to. A laptop was also being used but had no access to the internet or email, so was not being utilised fully. The laptop could also not print to the printer due to limited permissions for it on the small peer to peer network.

EvolvIT IT Support Solution:

It was agreed that the main pc should be replaced to allow it to fully run the latest versions of Sage, we built and installed this machine and ensured that the data transfer of Sage was moved over correctly. Broadband was commissioned and installed, with a small router handling the distribution to the network – this also allowed a small network to be formed with the router acting as the network hub. The printer was also replaced with a network laser printer, cutting costs on their existing inkjet system and also allowing the laptop to print effortlessly on the network. The laptop was given a thorough service to make it reliable enough to use correctly on the now shared internet and printer.

We handled the transfer of Project’s domain and website to our servers which also allowed us to gain control over their email access. This was reconfigured to give each computer its own mailbox to allow each one to send and receive independently to the other.

Post Installation:

Project Maintenance still has a small network, it has grown slightly to a three computer setup with each computer able to access the central database within Sage. Otherwise, the system is very similar to the original setup put in place over 5 years ago. Project Maintenance has moved their business twice during this time, and EvolvIT has overseen this process to ensure the network functions correctly when set up at the new location.