At EvolvIT we have the people and expertise to support your IT at every level. As well as one-off repair jobs, we offer a tailored consultancy service to work in partnership with your in-house IT team. We ensure you have safe and secure IT policies and practices that minimise the risks to all of your business computers.

From computer setup and software installation to maintenance and troubleshooting, we offer a bespoke support service that is with you every step of the way.

Our team of computer support specialists help local businesses with all support issues relating to PC’s, laptops, Apple Mac computers and other connected devices.

Leaving the support of devices to your own team can be time-consuming and expensive, whereas our team will quickly identify and resolve issues, allowing your people to get back to work without any fuss.

Some of the common issues that can stop your team from working effectively include: my computer is slow in responding or won’t shut down properly, the internet connection is slow or keeps timing out, problems with printing or logging on. Our friendly technical support staff are just a phone call, email or online chat away from resolving these and many other common problems with your computers and IT systems.

The vast majority of cases are solved within minutes. For trickier and more challenging problems we have a team of second and third line support engineers who offer specialist support in specific areas.

Our service offering includes the following:

Benefit of using Evolvit
IT consultancy and technical solutions

We have years of IT consultancy experience working closely with Bristol businesses on an ongoing or one-off basis. Our clients benefit from our technical expertise for all types of IT issue – on time and within budget. Our team of engineers are experts in planning, implementing, auditing and troubleshooting IT infrastructure. We provide full consultation and advice on your IT policies – whether it’s implementing a safe and secure BYOD policy, cloud migration, security practices or network infrastructure.

Benefit of using Evolvit
Virus removal and computer security

Cybercrime is an ever-increasing threat to your computer network and we take it very seriously.  Our team ensures that your antivirus software is at maximum effectiveness with the latest updates and virus definitions. We can also fully audit your IT security practices and policies. This ensures that you are taking a hands-on approach and training your staff in best practice. If you do fall victim to a virus, worm or Trojan, we respond quickly and decisively to contain and remove the threat from infected machines.

Benefit of using Evolvit
Computer system setup

We set up every aspect of your IT infrastructure, from installing Microsoft Windows on your PCs to getting your printers and other peripherals setup on your network. Computer system setup is our area of expertise and we will always recommend the software and devices most suitable to your needs. We will also setup third party apps and help migrate any data or programs across to your new computers – whether it is one laptop or one hundred desktops.

Benefit of using Evolvit
Computer maintenance and computer repairs

Modern computers need constant upkeep to maintain optimum performance. Our computer support packages include a wide range of maintenance options, from an entire server setup to an individual PC or laptop. We are always on call for computer repairs and can fix the majority of issues via remote desktop from our Bristol offices. Whether it’s a problem with a single computer or your entire network, we’ll work to keep your business disruption to a minimum. If the computer repair is hardware related, we ensure that an engineer is on site within one working day.

Benefit of using Evolvit
Setup of computer peripherals

As well as setting up every computer on your network, we ensure that your peripherals are fully installed and configured correctly. From printers and scanners to smartphones and tablets, we make sure it’s all perfectly set up. This includes ensuring that each item is secure, and external hard drives are fully encrypted and password protected.

Benefit of using Evolvit
Tailored computer support
To find out how we can help you with computer support get in touch.

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