Migrate from in House IT to EvolvIT

  • Company name: Migrate from in House IT to EvolvIT
  • Company website: https://www.evolvit.co.uk
  • Date of work: 7TH AUGUST 2019
  • Case study type: Moving away from an in house IT solution to an outsourced one

We recently had an enquiry from a local business, with several remote offices and a large HQ they had been used to having their own internal IT staff. They had had several typical issues with this setup, with everything relying on one IT person there is a large risk factor for when that person is not available. This company had dealt with this by training up other staff to be able to deal with various IT issues, but this led to people being taking away from their key roles and a fragmented support model being provided.

The situation became worse when a network outage occurred during which the IT manager was on holiday. This caused a huge amount of financial loss and upon reviewing the IT setup the business realised that the IT structure was not fit for purpose.

EvolvIT were asked to tender for the contract and after supplying a comprehensive plan regarding the existing systems are pleased to say we won the business.

Careful planning with the existing IT team over a 30 day period meant we had a full and comprehensive hand over of their existing setup. With our extensive knowledge and larger team we identified many areas that the network and systems could be improved. These stemmed from performance issues to redundancy concerns.

As you might expect the business was very nervous about moving from an onsite presence to an outsourced one, but with careful planning we migrated seamlessly and introduced all the staff to the multiple ways in which they can contact us for support.

We have scheduled in monthly visits to each site, this is rotated between support staff so that the business gets to meet and know each member of staff that they deal with.

New faster connectivity, better redundancy, and improved support are just a few of the benefits in the first few months.

Of course the biggest benefit that the financial director liked the most – we are a fraction of the cost of the team they had in place previously.