Migration to 365

  • Company name: Multiple Clients
  • Company website: http://www.evolvit.co.uk
  • Date of work: 2018-2019
  • Case study type: Migration to 365 and away from Small Business Server 2011

Small Business Server has been a solid part of small business networks since the early 2000’s. Handling AD, Exchange, SQL, File Sharing and Remote Access in one easy to install package. At a fraction of the cost of buying each element separately, SBS was the only server operating system recommended by us for small businesses to use.

However SBS 2011 was the final incarnation of this package, and itself was based on 2008 Server. Late 2019 / Early 2020 Microsoft are dropping support for Server 2008, and so also SBS 2011. To purchase all the elements, cals and other licensing required to mimic SBS is now prohibitively expensive for most small businesses.

The answer is a hybrid setup, a mixture of in house hardware and software – with cloud solutions to deliver the business functionality required.

Setup correctly, migration should be seamless with zero business downtime for any services. Also the hardware requirements for the on premise systems can be a lot lower – which in turn reduces the one off expense of new hardware.

If you would like to discuss a migration to any cloud based platforms, including 365 or to discuss a migration plan away from SBS 2011 then do not hesitate to give us a call.