Plant-ex Ingredients Ltd

  • Company name: Plant-ex Ingredients Ltd
  • Company website:
  • Date of work: 2019
  • Case study type: Hosted Services

Company Profile:

Plant-Ex Ingredients is an International company specialising in the manufacture of Natural Food Ingredient Solutions, supplying across the globe either directly through our own facilities or through a number of selected distribution partners.

Existing IT Structure:

An in house SBS 2011 Server, with a 2012 Terminal Server attached. Three sites with users at each site requiring full server access. Main back-end database had been custom made, and needed to run locally on a hosted SQL platform.

Existing IT Problems:

Head Office where the server resided had a very poor internet connection. This left the remote offices sometimes at a standstill trying to access RDP to see their accounts and back end systems. Hours of productivity were being lost each day. Also the SBS 2011 box was coming to the end of its life, so email and server replacement setups needed to be considered.

EvolvIT IT Support Solution:

Over the last 2 years EvolvIT have invested in two data centre locations, one in Newport and one in Bristol. As all remote users accessed the existing server via RDP we felt it would be a better solution to offload the new server configuration to our data centres. With connectivity in the realms of 150 times faster at our data centre locations, and hardware that far exceeds what you would ever purchase for a local network – it was the obvious choice to switch Plant-ex from an internal server / client setup to a fully hosted remote desktop configuration.

With pricing based on a per user per month basis, Plant-ex also did not have to outlay large sums of money on new hardware, server licenses, cals, sql cals, and 365 licensing. Our per month licensing covered all aspects required within one manageable fee. If more users are required then these are easy to budget in and pay for when they start.

We manage the 365 Tenancy as a part of the agreement and this is fully synchronised to the server installation to ensure all user information is correct and only the necessary licenses are setup.

Post Installation:

Feedback from everyone was excellent as we had hoped, speed was vastly improved – as was the speed consistency. No longer would it be either slow or really really slow, it was now fast and fast all the time. Costs meant that new users could be budgeted for, and there will never be the requirement for new hardware, software or connectivity upgrades again as these are all handled by EvolvIT.

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