What Are Hosted Desktops?

Remote desktop hosting allows employees and business owners to be fully flexible with where they want to work and which devices they want to use.

At EvolvIT, we provide remote desktop solutions to accommodate the needs of businesses and workforces of all sizes, whether you prefer to have a single remote desktop server installed or a full remote desktop farm.

Remote desktop hosting reinvents the traditional server-workstation setup by allowing your devices—be it computers, tablets, or smartphones—to connect to a session-based desktop through the cloud, so you can access files, install/uninstall software, configure programs. This also allows you to troubleshoot any issues regardless of your physical location.

Our remote desktop solutions are accessible for Windows, Mac, tablets, and smartphone users and our data centres are ISO 27001 certified to offer the best security and reliability for your business.

Our Remote Hosted Desktop Services:

Our dedicated hosting service includes an Application Server and Active Directory Server as standard. Options for SQL Servers, additional storage or more application servers our flexible plan can produce a custom configuration for you.

We also provide Thin Client Hardware, should you require it, which will be sent to you pre-configured for convenient plug-and-play use. Should you need a more customised setup, we can offer you bespoke options tailored to meet your office requirements.


We understand your need for strong security measures, especially when all your data and software is in the cloud. Our team will maintain your servers and make sure they are constantly updated against any new cyber threats that emerge. Our data centre is located in the heart of Bristol with a second redundant data centre just outside of Newport. For another layer of security, all your data is encrypted using AES 128 or AES 256 encryption, to and from each data centre. Finally, all traffic is filtered inbound and outbound through separate firewalls at each location.


Every business requires different solutions, depending on its size, services and target market. At EvolvIT we offer a bespoke service, so we can create a network that will fit and scale with your business, whether for 10 or 100 users. All you need to do is let us know and we’ll make sure your remote desktop can adapt and scale when you need it to.

Support and Maintenance

With our team on your side, you don’t need to maintain your network on your own. Our service includes 24/7 monitoring and regular system updates. Our customer support team is always available for any issues you may encounter while you’re working. If you want to upgrade to our virtual IT support, we will attend to you onsite for servicing and hardware maintenance.


Our two data centres in Bristol and Newport are programmed to replicate with each other as a fail-safe plan. In the event of an outage, the mirrored server can pick up the workload. Our platform has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, peace of mind for your business when hosted with EvolvIT.

Backup and Data Restoration

Our rolling backups allow you to restore some or all of your files from any backups from the past 14 days. These backups are taken every night, so you can recover any data you might lose either due to human error or cyberattacks. This gives you the peace of mind to work from anywhere in the world on virtually any device, safe in the knowledge that your data is safe and backed up automatically.

Benefits of Remote Hosted Desktop

Benefit of using Evolvit

Work remotely: You and your employees can access important files, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, allowing for productivity to continue wherever you are in the world.

Benefit of using Evolvit

Decrease costs: You’ll decrease your IT costs, as remote desktop hosting already includes servers, firewalls, and a team of IT professionals who will maintain this system for you. All these are expenses that you’ll have to shoulder separately if you set them up on your own.

Benefit of using Evolvit

Ease of access: All your data is centralised in a single network, which you can access from any device and any location. You won’t have to install software on your computers, nor will you need to take portable hard drives with you for your files. Everything you need is uploaded in a secure data centre.

Benefit of using Evolvit

Easy management: You can change the settings in your network in real-time, whether it’s granting permission to specific users, removing their access to certain files, or allowing them to only see limited files on their desktops.

Benefit of using Evolvit

Backups: Our data centres replicate across geographically independent sites. These sites, in turn, are also backed up to additional hardware, and if you require we can send a copy of each backup each night to your own repository. Take away all the stress and worry about your Disaster Recovery Plan.

Remote Hosted Desktop Pricing

BASE COST (3 Year Term) £45
Per user cost £14 per user
Remote Desktop as a Service (RDP) Included
Disaster Recovery Backups *** Included
Fully Managed Server with updates and patching Included
Latest Server OS at deployment Included
Server(s) replicated to second datacentre Included
Anti-Virus, updates and definitions Included
Accessible via Windows, Mac, Tablets and Phones Included
All Datacentres ISO 27001 Certified Included
Setup, Installation and data migration Included
50Gig data storage per user Included
Storage can be pooled together for all to use Included
99.9% uptime Included
Hardware and critical outage support Included
Full monitoring 24/7 of all servers and access Included
Upgrades to the latest server versions ** Included
Rolling 14 day backup for file recovery **** £5 per user
Application Server & SQL for 10 Users ***** £24 per user 10 users minimum
Additional SQL User Client Access License (CAL) £15 per user
Thin Client Hardware ****** £21 per user
Additional 10Gig storage (bespoke storage can be arranged) £1 per user All users must have the same storage limit
Virtual IT Support by Remote access, Telephone & Email * £10 per user
Virtual IT Support upgrade to include on site services and hardware maintenance Contact for further details
Hosted Mailbox £3.8 Paid yearly in full (*12)
Full Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, Powerpoint) £7.9 Paid yearly in full (*12)
Hosted Mailbox and Full Office Suite (Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, Powerpoint) £9.4 Paid yearly in full (*12)
On-premise Exchange to 365 £495 up to 50 users
Other email platform to 365 Contact for further details
Raw Data (excel, word docs etc) Included
Setup of users, permissions and security Included
Third Party Applications / CRM Contact for further details

* User support within the hours 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. Out of hours support can be provided, please contact for further information. Includes configuration of new users when required, if support is not included please provide EvolvIT with your IT managers contact details to allow us to grant administrative access.

** Should server operating systems need upgrading this can be done at the start of any 3-year agreement. Pricing may change if upgrades are required during an existing term or at the end of any 3-year agreement.

*** Disaster recovery backups are designed to recover server installations in the event of a total failure of the hardware or software. It is not designed for recovery of files in the event of user accident, virus encryption of data or other data loss.

**** Rolling backups can be used to restore any files (or all) of your companies’ data to any of the previous 14 days backups. Backups are taken overnight. These backups are the most commonly used for recovery of accidental data loss and recovering from encryption based viral attacks.

***** SQL installed on a second server and given 8 Gig of Ram. Bespoke options can be tailored to meet requirements, please contact us for more details.

****** Thin Client Hardware configured and sent to client for simple plug and play. These do not include monitors, keyboards or mice. If Virtual IT Support Upgrade is included, we will attend onsite to install.

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