Wireless connections influence multiple facets of business, from security to the very way we work. The technology is predicted to play an even bigger role in the office of the future. More devices are being brought onto the already expansive web of the IoT. Smart machines are getting better at “talking” to one another. All of this data will ultimately need to be supported by ultra-high capacity WiFi.

A reliable commercial WiFi installation is essential for any modern business and if you’re struggling to get your business WiFi up to date, you’ve come to the right place.

Backed by over 20 years of IT expertise

At Evolvit, we understand the importance of reliable wireless Internet. WiFi isn’t just a nice feature to have–it’s the foundation of daily operations for many businesses. A poor broadband connection can directly affect employee productivity and revenue. And with everything from lead generation to supply chain management requiring a stable Internet connection, an out of the box solution is not enough.

Businesses will need a solution adapted to their needs to stay competitive. Our team of expert engineers are trained in custom end-to-end services, from installation to maintenance.

How Can EvolvIT Help?

Survey and Installation

Installing WiFi is a back-end job that is equal parts technical and physical. It isn’t just a matter of wiring from your switch cabinet to your router. Your office layout, the size of your workforce, and the types of work you do on the daily all factor into how to configure your network. 

Every business needs a bespoke plan. For instance, public WiFi solutions for open arenas and stadiums may require deploying numerous clusters of access nodes to provide blanket, large-scale coverage. Typical office WiFi solutions will be looking to solve signal propagation challenges through walls and rooms. If your business needs both consumer and enterprise-facing WiFi, that requires installing two separate connections under different configurations.

Evolvit can help organisations find secure business WiFi solutions that work for them. Our technical team is equipped to study, design, and install a network that will fit within the constraints of your needs and budget.

Reliable WiFi for venues and events

The success of an event relies heavily on a working WiFi connection. Participants need to be able to post updates or live stream content. Sports matches, concerts, trade shows–the reach of your event can only truly be maximised if you can engage both the audience at the venue and the people participating from their living rooms.

Setting up WiFi outdoors is an entirely different beast. There are a different set of factors to consider, such as weather, increased noise interference, and an unpredictable number of users. True to the spirit of WiFi, our services extend beyond the walls of an office. We offer multiple outdoor WiFi solutions and installation of event WiFi systems.

Bridging the gap between multiple locations

For many businesses, a Local Area Network (LAN) connection is enough. However, larger, enterprise-level solutions may require covering more than a single location, or a network that spans across another office on the other side of the globe. At Evolvit, our teams are equipped to set up both Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) connections.

We can also set up wireless point to point Ethernet connections across two access points separated by considerable distances. For instance, two warehouses on the same site. Additionally, we can bring the Internet to buildings that may be some distance away from a cell tower, which is more economical and less disruptive than running cables through the ground.

How WiFi can change your business!

Benefit of using Evolvit
Acquire new customers and increase loyalty

Wireless connections have made the biggest splashes in the world of retail. Almost everyone prefers a store with free WiFi and many millennials have come to expect pubs, bars and cafes to have WiFi.

Reliable and fast retail WiFi solutions will be necessary to lock in customer loyalty. However, you’ll need stringent security measures in place to protect customers on your public WiFi network. Our engineers are constantly trained in the latest security protocols for WiFi connections.

Benefit of using Evolvit

Higher productivity rates, lower turnovers

Most of us aren’t strangers to bad connectivity: videos that take eons to load or files that stop uploading halfway through. But these little snags that are simply annoying when trying to buffer movies at home can be devastating for businesses. A poor Internet connection steals an hour of productivity per day from the average employee in the UK (the equivalent of two weeks per year), according to research by ISP, Zen Internet.

Evolvit offers steady and reliable business WiFi solutions that are tailor-made for your company. A custom approach means your business will be outfitted with a system that can adapt and respond to your needs. No more disgruntled employees pounding the refresh button.

Benefit of using Evolvit

Keep guests and visitors returning

People travel to get away–but not completely. WiFi is a top priority for today’s modern travellers. The majority of holidaymakers choose accommodations based on WiFi availability and many more won’t return to a property or hotel complex because of bad connectivity.

Service and commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants are made of a mix of high traffic indoor and outdoor spaces. You’ll also need separate channels for your employees and guests. Our engineers can put together personalised solutions that take into account all the unique nuances of your business.

Benefit of using Evolvit
Simplify big data collection at factories and plants

Historically, automation at factories and manufacturing plants have relied on wired connections. But with the advent of 5G and WiFi 6, we can expect wireless to enable truly connected factories, giving businesses deeper visibility into every step of the manufacturing process.

Our team covers business WiFi installation for commercial and industrial premises. Eliminate dead spots and streamline productivity and efficiency across your site.

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