Heath Creation

Company Profile:

Health Creation was founded by Dr Rosy Daniel. Their goal is to help individuals and organisations achieve optimum health through the use of integrated healthcare products and services. They have designed, authored and produced books, CDs, health programmes and Mentor service on the basis of 20 years experience using the holistic approach in integrated health care.

Development Project:

Health Creation has a product called the Picture of Health which is a self-assessment tool. It comes as a pack that allows people to answer a set of questions and, following the instructions, to generate their own Wheel of Health diagram.

Stage 1 of the development was to create an online version of this product. It had to be integrated into their website, so that people could pay to use the tool and then be taken through the process of answering the questions. Once all of the questions had been answered, the Wheel of Health would automatically be generated.

The existing Health Creation website was not content manageable, so we replaced this site with an installation of a CMS package. We created the site’s theme to accurately resemble their existing flat site. We added a shopping cart system to the site to allow the sale of the new Online Picture of Health as well as their other purchasable products. We then integrated our own code into this site for the new Online Picture of Health. It hooked into the shopping cart so that a user could access it after purchasing the product and using a combination of PHP, JavaScript and MYSQL, lead the user through the process of answering the questions.

We also developed a flash object to display the resulting Wheel of Health to the user, as well as some automated reporting based on the given answers.

This has been live and in use since January 2008.

Stage 2 of the development was to extend the Online Picture of Health for use in the corporate environment.

We created several new sections of the site that could only be accessed with appropriate usernames & passwords, including:

  • An admin area where new corporate clients could be created and configured, this would then generate a set of user codes for the client’s employees.
  • A corporate employee area where the users could log in and complete their Online Picture of Health.
  • A consultant login area where a corporate consultant could see the results of a clients set of answers and produce semi-auto-generated reports for the client. This has been live and in use since May 2008 and has been instrumental in helping to grow the Corporate side of Health Creation’s business.

Comment from Health Creation:

EvolvIT has worked closely with Health Creation and the Integrated Health Trust in redeveloping the functionality, usability, and structure of our two websites. We have also had our health assessment tools digitalised by EvolvIT and put online which are already making a huge difference to our business.

We are delighted with the approach of the EvolvIT team, their understanding and interpretation of our needs and their solution process. They have transformed the way our websites work and given excellent support, no problem of ours is too great or small to help us with. In training us to use the content management systems EvolvIT has been supportive and very understanding.

Many thanks

Mike Tooze, Director of Operations, Health Creation