How to Perform Your Own IT Health Check

11th January 2023

Cybercrime, by nature, never stops evolving. Technology creates new attack surfaces and points to exploit with every iteration.

The cybersecurity industry and hackers are in a perpetual lockstep. When experts answered password theft with multi-factor authentication, hackers responded with elaborate scam messages and stealing session cookies.

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Industries Hit Hardest From Cyber Attacks

14th December 2022

Cybercrime is increasing across the board. Yet for a variety of reasons, the heat is more intense for some sectors. Finance and government organisations are obvious examples. Retailers are also heavily targeted, especially since businesses collect far more than our payment details nowadays.

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Energy-Saving Hacks That Can Save Your Business Money

26th October 2022

Electricity is a fundamental need. And the bills that come, a given cost of doing business. Many barely glance at the figure on the paper before settling their dues. Some even automate payments.

Yet it pays to carefully comb through your bill. This year, even more so. Energy costs are on the rise, driven by soaring inflation rates and the pipeline disruptions as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

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Making the Switch to Fully Remote

4th October 2022

Just two years ago, the concept of a fully remote workforce would have been unthinkable for most companies. While ‘telecommuting’ as a concept has been floated around for decades, in practice, few allowed it. Companies like Best Buy and Yahoo experimented with telework briefly, before pulling employees back to the office.

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Where Is My Data Stored?

13th September 2022

Cloud technology has come a long way from simple file storage. Entire workloads have been foisted onto the cloud. G Suite alone boasts over six million paid business subscriptions. About two-thirds of all enterprise IT spending will go towards cloud technologies.

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Which VPN Service Is Right For My Business?

13th July 2022

The massive shift to remote work due to the pandemic has increased the need for greater cybersecurity measures. According to OpenVPN, businesses have expanded their usage of virtual private networks (VPNs) by 68% directly because of COVID, and 99% of employees expect business VPNs will be used even after COVID.

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Organising Your Office Space for Hot-Desking

22nd June 2022

More and more businesses are opening their office spaces once again. However, Covid-19 has drastically changed how people approach the way their work is done. Of the millions of UK citizens who have been forced to work at home due to the pandemic, 85% have said that they want to be able to work at home or in the office.

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IT Support and Remote Work

8th June 2022

36% of working adults in the UK have reported working from home at least once, as of the National Statistics Office report for January 2022. Of those currently working at home, 85% want a hybrid work model where they can work at home or in the office in the future. 

YouGov reinforces the sentiment, with their survey showing that 57% of British workers expressed the desire to continue being able to work from home after the pandemic. 

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Breach In The Perimeter: Top Reasons For Firewall Failure

5th May 2022

A firewall is fundamental to securing a network from cyberattacks. It prevents any unwanted access from external sources, blocking malware and illegal activity that could compromise and even shut down an organisation. In this day and age where cybercrime has increased dramatically by 600% since the start of the pandemic, having a firewall reaches the barest minimum standard in cybersecurity.

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