Windows Small Business Server 2003 Migration

Migrating Small Business Server 2003

Why do we need to upgrade?

Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 (SBS) has been in service for nearly 11 years resulting in the platform becoming dated and incompatible with the latest software releases. SBS 2003 is nearing the end of its support timeline from Microsoft, this means that updates will cease and support from Microsoft is going to end in the near future – leaving your server vulnerable to attack and compromise from would-be hackers. One pressing example of this is the lack of support from Outlook 2013, this is no longer able to connect to SBS 2003 and sourcing older versions of Outlook is now not possible.

Should your company purchase new equipment with the newer version of Microsoft Office you will find that the client workstation will not be able to connect to exchange for email collection unless your server has been migrated to the latest Server Operating Systems. Any business which runs Microsoft Exchange for their email system cannot ignore this compatibility issue and really needs to begin to budget for a server upgrade or replacement.

Enhancements with Microsoft Server operating systems also push the need to upgrade – with much better and faster features added. The key thing to remember is that SBS 2003 is 11 years behind revolutionary new enhancements which have been created in this time.

How easy is the migration process?

EvolvIT has now successfully completed multiple migrations of SBS 2003 to new servers running SBS 2011 and we are extremely efficient with the migration process. We can migrate your server to new hardware ‘inline’, thus meaning zero downtime for your network and core systems.

Speak with us today to get your new server installed and systems migrated before your old server causes your business-critical downtime and data loss.