Solutions to software and website problems with the VAT change to 20%

The change in VAT rate to 20% has caused problems for many websites, databases and software applications that have been developed with a hard-coded 17.5% value for VAT calculations.

E-commerce websites are most likely to be affected. It may be that each product page includes VAT calculations, or maybe only the checkout stage is affected.

Does your website or software have this issue? Our team of professional developers are here to help. If you are unsure of the impact this change will have on your site, we will be able to perform a full assessment for you and highlight the problem areas.

Our expertise in a multitude of programming languages allows us to quickly get to grips with your software and provide a resolution. Our skills include Filemaker, Microsoft Access, PHP, ASP, MYSQL, SQL Server, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic, Perl, Java, Javascript and any number of other languages or systems. Even if we are not already experts in the language your software is written in, the likelihood is we will be able to help.

How we will do this:

The easiest way is for us to gain remote access to your PC and for you to show us on your screen what the problem is. For £75+VAT we will spend up to 20 minutes diagnosing the problem. If it is possible for us to fix the problem in this 20 minute period, we will. If not, we will then give you our diagnosis of the issue along with a quote for fixing it. Filemaker problems are very likely to be fixable within the initial 20 minute period. Please ensure you have administrative access to your database or website to enable us to make the appropriate changes.

It costs nothing to enquire so why not give us a call on 0345 880 4554.