IT Cost Saving: Outsourcing

In these turbulent times, with budget strings being tightened ever tighter, outsourcing is becoming a fast route to saving money on your IT expenditure.

Take a common example, a small to medium-sized business that has a full time IT Support engineer employed on the payroll. A starting wage for this kind of professional is around £35k a year, generally more but we will be conservative for the comparison here. This person will also require holiday, will go sick, require pension contributions and will probably require a company car if you have multiple sites. Outsourcing reduces all of these outlays, and introduces a whole new range of benefits.

  • Full-time support, every day of the week, no more calling your ‘IT guy’ when he is sat on a beach on holiday.
  • Emergency mobile contacts, so even those out of office emergencies can be dealt with swiftly.
  • A broader range of skills on tap, Outsourcing gives you access to multiple IT professionals.
  • Hardware warrantied by us, allowing fixed costs for keeping your IT systems running.
  • Cheaper purchasing costs, use our buying power to reduce your expenditure.
  • And the cost? In our experience, we save around 75% of the wage costs for your IT department, a saving that is difficult to ignore.

We can also centralise all your Bristol IT services, from hosting to broadband provision, no more phoning around trying to work out why your email is down. If you are interested to know more or to have a free consultation then feel free to use the Contact Us page to set the ball rolling on a relationship that will save you money.