How to delete temporary internet files

We have produced the following steps to explain how you can delete a computers temporary internet files. Please note that some instructions may differ depending on your operating system and browser version.

Internet Explorer:
(In this example we are running Windows XP and IE Version 8)
1.       Close Internet Explorer
2.       Click Start, Control Panel and then double click Internet Options
3.       Select the General tab; click Delete under the Browsing History section.
4.       Tick the Temporary Internet Files check box and click Delete. The files will now be deleted from your system.


Mozilla Firefox:
In this example we are running Windows XP and Mozilla Firefox Version 3.0.13)
1.       Open Firefox
2.       Click Tools and Clear Private Data
3.       Tick the Cache check box and click Clear Private Data Now
Google Chrome:
In this example we are running Windows XP and Google Chrome Version
1.       Open Google Chrome
2.       Click Tools (spanner icon) and select Clear Browsing Data
3.       Select the options you wish delete – in this case for temporary internet files tick the cache check box and click Clear Browsing Data

As we surf the web, our browsers are constantly collecting data about the sites we visit and the products we buy. It’s good practice to clear your temporary Internet files every now and again to ensure your computer isn’t getting “clogged up” with lots of unnecessary files. Our Bristol computer support team have produced this and many other IT guides to help you self manage any small IT issues you may have.