Phone  0345 880 4554

How to access EvolvIT support system

Please note that in order to access the EvolvIT support system you must have a registered user login for our site.

If you do not have a user at the login screen please contact EvolvIT to request a login via 0345 880 4554 or or alternatively create yourself a login at the screen located in “Step 3”.

Step 1:

In your Internet Explorer please go to our website

Step 2:

At the website please click on the “Client Area” button in the top right hand corner of our website and then click on “Support Tickets”:


Step 3:

You will now see a login screen to our Client Support System. In order to login, scroll down the page until you find your login name for example “I am EvolvIT” and click on the labelled button:


Step 4:

You will now have been logged into the support system. To confirm it has logged you in as your user, the bottom left corner of the screen will say I.E “You Are logged in as ‘Your name’ ” and you will see the option to create a ticket or view any open tickets you have open with us:


Please feel free to contact us on 0345 880 4554 or