How do I change the view of my files?

Microsoft Windows allows a user to view files in a window via a given view E.G by Thumbnails, Tiles, Icons, List and Details.

Each option has a different design, for example, viewing files via details allows the user to see additional details about the file such as its size or the date it was modified whereas tiles will only display the folder’s name and icon. In order to change how icons are viewed please follow the below steps from our Bristol IT support team:

In this example the icons are currently viewed in tiles. We are going to change the window so that the icons are displayed in the details view so we can see more details about the files:

1). Open the window location of the icons you wish to organise

2). On the toolbar select “view”. The current way the files are viewed will be visible with a dot next to the option:


3). To change the view to another option, simply move the mouse over the option so that it becomes highlighted and left click – in this case click on “details”:


4). The icons will now move around to be displayed in the selected view mode


Follow the same steps again if you wish to change the view in a different manner choosing your view by option.