What is FileMaker and How Can it Benefit My Business?

Businesses invest heavily in software that improves processes and boosts productivity. The global expenditure of IT budgets on enterprise software is projected to reach $672 billion in 2022. It’s for good reason, as 64% of organisational leaders say technology investments “have already led to gains in productivity.”

However, not all businesses have the resources to develop and manage enterprise software. SMBs, in particular, would have to rely on more customised solutions to quickly and more accurately tackle challenges unique to their circumstances. This is where FileMaker can be a valuable tool.

FileMaker Explained 

At its most basic function, FileMaker is an app development platform that lets businesses create their own apps. Using your own business’ forms and spreadsheets, you can easily import such data to the platform and have the information displayed on an easy-to-read, easy-to-navigate visual interface. 

Users can start making their own apps with FileMaker even without any coding or programming knowledge. For organisations that want to create more advanced apps, they can get professional developers to work with them on the platform. Either way, FileMaker is perfectly suited for businesses that need bespoke solutions for their specific problems.

FileMaker has five components in its toolset to accommodate the main ways organisations use apps:

  • FileMaker Pro — Create and access custom apps on a computer
  • FileMaker Go — Access FileMaker apps on mobile devices
  • FileMaker WebDirect — Access FileMaker apps on a web browser, no matter the device
  • FileMaker Server — Share FileMaker apps to users connected locally
  • FileMaker Cloud — Share FileMaker apps to users via the cloud

Key Features

FileMaker has plenty of useful features that make it a go-to platform for businesses in need of custom software.

Starter Apps

A set of pre-built apps with core functionalities such as managing content, scheduling meetings, organising contact info, and listing tasks. New users can get started instantly with such apps, and with enough experience, they can customise templates to suit their company’s needs.

Drag-and-Drop Design

Users can mix and match parts to build their apps with little to no coding experience. Simply drag and drop elements such as images, charts, calendars, and maps onto a screen. You have complete control over how these elements are presented, allowing for either simple or sleek layouts. 

Third-party Integrations

On top of the built-in and community-made plugins and integrations that make FileMaker so flexible, the platform also easily integrates with a host of third-party software and web services. You can connect your app to widely used apps such as Adobe PDF, Amazon Marketplace Web Service, Office 365, and WordPress, among many others.

Industry Standard

FileMaker is a product by Claris, a subsidiary of Apple. The platform undergoes quality assurance processes that ensure it meets the high standards expected of the tech giant’s brand, with global certifications for infosec management and data protection.

How FileMaker Can Benefit Your Business

It’s easy to list all the things FileMaker can do for custom software development, but it’s more useful to focus on how its numerous features can help organisations. Here are three major ways it can benefit your business.

Quick and Cost-Effective Custom Solutions

It may be necessary, but going down the path of custom software can be a huge drain on resources. Buying or licensing top-shelf enterprise software may be too much for SMBs to address their specific needs, and there are no guarantees that such companies will have the expertise or the bandwidth to effectively use the technology. Hiring software developers is costly, and it takes time to build an app from scratch.

FileMaker is much more cost-effective in comparison. You will only ever develop apps that specifically target issues unique to your business, with staff knowing exactly what requires attention and the best way to handle them. The user-friendly interface also means even employees with zero technical knowledge of app development can quickly create apps that work successfully. 

Automate Simple Processes

Having workers do simple tasks such as data entry and collation may not seem like a big expense, but a staggering $5 trillion in productivity is lost annually to repetitive tasks. Employees can do so much more productive work if they weren’t tied to doing menial chores. 

FileMaker provides an avenue for businesses to automate entire sequences of tasks. For example, you can set up a system where every piece of vital information is recorded, it gets automatically fed into a database which can then later be used to generate detailed reports. 

Robust and Extensive Support

The workplace has evolved drastically from the days of employees limited to their desktop computers. Work is being done across a range of devices and locations, with internet access being integral. 75% of people say their smartphones help them be more productive

FileMaker facilitates the modern approach to work with its comprehensive support of all relevant devices, from laptops to tablets to smartphones, and on-premises and cloud-hosting capabilities. Data synchronisation between remote and primary systems happens in real-time, with offline data updates ready to go once network connections have been established, ensuring business continuity. 

Custom Business Software Development Made Easy

FileMaker empowers businesses of any size to solve internal operation issues with personalised apps that are faster and more cost-effective to build than conventional software development. By taking control of in-house app development with FileMaker, your business stands to gain with streamlined processes and boosted productivity.

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