Thick, Thin, and Zero Clients: Pros and Cons

30th June 2021

In a remote desktop environment, clients are software or devices that enable access to cloud-based applications and stored data. Depending on your needs, there are various ways for these portals to be configured.

There are three common types: thick, thin, and most recently, zero clients.

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Cloud vs Local Servers: Weighing up the Pros and Cons

27th June 2019

Data management used to be the concern of companies in the IT industry. Yet today, everyone deals in data. Even small businesses manage some 47 terabytes of data, while the average sized company will see more than double the amount, according to a study by Hubspot.

Storage is now on top of the list of most businesses. The most prominent question for many owners is where best to store data: on local machines or migrate to the cloud? Read more

Microsoft exchange server
Migration of In-House Microsoft Exchange Server to Hosted Exchange Platform

9th June 2016

If you have an on-premise or in-house Exchange server and are wanting to move to a hosted Exchange platform such as Microsoft’s 365 offering then you may well be extremely nervous. Read more